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Juvenile Law: Juvenile Dependency

Juvenile dependency is a specialized area of the law. This area involves children who may have been abused or neglected and need the protection of the court. Have you lost custody of your child because of false allegations?

Roland B. Perez defends parents who need help at this
difficult time. Call our office at 714-961-1966.

Mr. Perez's goal is to help you reach your goals for the benefit of your child. At this difficult and emotional time it is necessary to protect your rights and ensure you are treated fairly by the Department of Children and Family Services (DCFS).

The burden of proof is on DCFS to thoroughly prove their case before you are required to comply with the case plan.

Sometimes it is necessary to take a child away from a family. There is abuse or neglect in the home that justifies removing the child and placing the child in a safer environment. Many dependency law cases involve child abuse. The most common forms of child abuse are: physical abuse, emotional abuse and sexual abuse. In the unfortunate circumstance that the children are taken away by the state, the firm works diligently to place the children in the care of relatives. But there are times when the system can over-react and take a child without good cause. If that has happened to you, make sure you call Roland B. Perez today at 714-961-1966.

When a child comes into the system, the court wants to make sure the child leaves that system safely either to the child's family or to another living arrangement; the intention is always to protect the best interests of the child.

Most parents we represent have been accused of abusing or neglecting their children. The parents' goal is to regain custody as quickly as possible. DCFS will bring its evidence to court and will ask for a variety of actions or conditions in order for the parent's to regain custody of their child. Sometimes the evidence is unclear or untrue; sometimes it is irrelevant to the issue.

Many circumstances can lead to a child being wrongfully removed from a family: Misinformation supplied by an angry relative or a neighbor can result in an untrue report. A social worker may not understand a situation and over-react. Miscommunications due to language or cultural differences may also lead to removal of the child.

Within the juvenile dependency system, it is not uncommon to find social workers and/or therapists, opposing attorneys, district attorneys, judges, and commissioners. They all may have different ideas about the best interest of the child.

Roland B. Perez is an experienced and dedicated dependency law attorney. He has specialized in the education and study of dependency law at the Center for Children's Rights at Whittier Law School including a judicial clerkship as a legal research intern under the Presiding Judge Michael Nash of the Edmund D. Edelman Children's Court.

Roland B. Perez has the knowledge and experience required to help parents in Orange County and Los Angeles County navigate this complex area of the law and bring about successful outcomes in these cases.



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